Dbillionda Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Getting all of your favourite music, videos, and movies online are the best ever gift these technological advancements have provided us. However, you would obviously feel bad when you can enjoy them to their fullest just because of the slow internet connection right? To prevent it happening to you, we have come up to you with this Cat-8 Ethernet Cable that is just right for speedy streaming.

This Ethernet cable is designed to contain 4 S/FTP and single-stranded OFC wires which are quite efficient in supporting the hyperdata transfer speed of up to 40 Gbps, and the maximum bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz. This speed is quite great to provide you with a great online streaming experience and enables you to stream 4k HD videos of your choice.

Cat-8 is quadruply shielded and efficiently reduces RFI/EMI interference, latency and any signal loss to provide you increased speed, thus enhancing the performance of the cable too much extent. Not only this, it is shielded with high-quality PVC to make it waterproof and anti-corrosive so that it can support durability and live a great long life to be with you during your online viewing pleasure.

When you compare its performance to the 32AWG Ethernet cable, you get to know that it's much thicker, faster in providing you with a stable data transfer speed, which is perfectly suitable for Apple Siri, Cloud data server Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and many other smart devices that are used either in homes or in the offices.

To make it efficient in supporting connectivity with a wide range of devices, two RJ45 connectors are added at each end. Through these connectors, you can effortlessly connect your Cat-8 with PS4, PS3, Modem, Networking printers, Netgear, Servers, X-box, Patch panel, NAS, TP-Link, Keystone jack, VoIP phones, laptops, Coupler and many other devices as much as you can think of them. Surprising you further, this cable is extremely compatible with Cat5/Cat7/Cat6/Cat5e and Cat6e.

Also, it keeps you worry-free through its 18 months guaranteed warranty and a lifetime customer support that you can avail at any instant in time when you get stuck with any trouble related to your Cable installation, usage or any other technical issue.


Concluding our first product, we would recommend you never doubt the performance of this cable. If you really want to experience an amazing view time with your online streaming, think of installing this as your internet providing cable as it will take care of all your speed related needs and requirements.

  • Enhanced speed
  • Weather-resistant
  • Reduced latency and interference
  • Easy, uninterrupted 4K HD streaming
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Expensive than previous versions

CableGeeker Cat-7 Shielded

Next on our list is another tremendous Ethernet cable that is popular for providing a high-quality speed by reducing interference, latency and signal loss. If you ever wished to have enjoyed the quality time with your online streaming of videos, movies and music, then we would say that this Cat-7 is best for the job.

This cable is available in several lengths including from 1.5ft to almost 150ft depending upon your area on installation. The length of the cable doesn't affect its performance as each of the cable comes in the market after passing the Standardized process of testing to meet all your requirements.

For maximum reliability, it is carefully shielded in the S/STP. Also, its RJ45 connectors are helpful in blocking any external interference. This makes this cable perfect in reducing any signal loss and providing you with extreme stability in data transferring speed. Further, bare copper conductors are added to enhance the performance of the cable.

Its innovative and unique flat design is something that you are really going to love when you find it really easy to run on your walls and under the carpet where it goes completely invisible. Even when you have to connect it to various other cables like cat5, cat6, and cat5e, you can easily do it without any technical hurdle.

Its 4 STO copper wires that come with the high-quality gold plated contact pins inserts in each of the RJ45 connectors present at each end, are extremely efficient in reducing any crosstalk, latency, noise and interference that hinders your online streaming process.

When you cannot stream your favourite movie or music online due to the increased latency, interference or signal loss, nothing can stop you from being frustrated at the moment and leave the desire for entertainment. This Cat-7 ethernet cable is specially designed to prevent this from happening when you are in a good mood to enjoy.


This ethernet cable is a perfect fit for you if you are really fond of streaming your favourite videos and movies during your free time. By reducing any signal loss, it enhances the performance of the cable and takes your enjoyment to the next level, which you would obviously prefer having so.

  • 600Mhz data transfer speed
  • Reduces crosstalks, noise, and interference
  • Durable
  • Reliable performance
  • Trickier installation; professional installer required to install the cable
  • A bit expensive

Cat6 Cable by Jadaol

This Cat6 Ethernet cable comes in an impressive flat design, Snagless RJ45 connectors, high-speed computer wire, 50 ft. in length and with a much faster speed as compared to Cat5 and Cat5e. All these features make it one of the great cables that are just right to have when you are in the fun mood of online streaming.

Its universal connectivity is something all the buyers love. It gets easily connected with all the LAN network components like printers, computers, switch boxes, PS, Xbox, PoE devices, NAS, VoIP, routers, PCs and many others of your choice.

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Its performance is exclusive; the cable supports 250 MHZ of data transferring speed which is highly suitable for fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10-gigabit Ethernet cables undoubtedly.

When it comes to the installation of such an amazing cable, its great manufacturers have intentionally added 15 cable clips that make it easy to help you fit this cable in the wall. With such a great number of clips, you don't have to buy any additional clips to make the cable stick firm to its position where you have placed it. However, the installation is super clean due to its flat design which easily runs on the walls, under the carpet and perfectly turns and twists in the corners of the house.

To ensure the minimal signal loss, noise and interference, the RJ45 connectors at each end come gold plated and are made of 100% bare copper wire.


This ethernet cable is not to be missed while checking out other low-profile cables that promise to provide you with great online streaming experience but do otherwise. We suggest you go for this cable so that you can have the best ever experience with whatever you want to stream online with your smart devices.

  • 15 cable clips as installation helpers
  • Flat design for easy installation
  • Upgraded performance
  • Great 4K HD streaming
  • Optimal speed
  • Does not guarantee you full speed
  • Expensive than Cat-5e.

Cat6 Ethernet Cable by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is one of the leading cable brands that are famous for its high-quality cable manufacturing that supports ultimate speed to let you enjoy your free time by streaming the best quality HD streaming.

The overall length of the cable is almost 1.5m up to 5 feet, which is just perfect if you want to install it in your smart home setup. Also, if you want to connect your computers to the network components through a wired LAN system, this cable is the choice.

Its RJ45 connectors at both ends are a great addition which makes sure that it connects to almost any device of your choice. It supports up to 250 MHz bandwidth which is the best if you want to stream some of your own desired audios or videos. Moreover, the cable is made to transmit every data at the maximum speed of up to 1000 Mbps.

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All of your worries related to delayed streaming or disturbed online experience will fade away right at the moment when you start using this Cat6 cable by AmazonBasics. The manufacturers are great as they have taken great care of the technical issue that may arise to you during its usage and help you out with their 1-year guaranteed warranty that you can avail anytime within the specified limit.


Nothing can keep you from enjoying your favourite movies online when you have installed this most extraordinary cable that supports the optimal speed and minimal interference. Not being so expensive, this brings some great advantages to you over some other conventional cables that do not do their work properly.

  • 1000 Mbps speed
  • 250 MHz bandwidth
  • Good for home or office setups
  • Not-so-attractive design

VANDESAIL Cat-7 Ethernet Cable

Now here is another most tremendous ethernet cable that specifically comes to make your online streaming experience more fun and enjoyable. Eliminating all the issues which hinder the efficient speed provision, this cable has made a place among our top 5 list.

The design is impressive as it comes with a full-cover gold plated connectors along with a premium quality tri chips which ensure the optimal speed at each point on the long cable. Not only this, but it is four STP which is carefully wrapped in an aluminium foil, and its oxygen-free copper wires are extremely great in reducing any type of signal loss and provide you great speed with a stable internet connection. This makes your streaming more powerful and easier at any place in your homes or offices where you have installed the cable.

Its PVC shielding is effective in making it weather resistant, so it's not easily broken or twisted to provide you with a much safer and corrosion-free internet connection that you always wanted to have.

When compared to another cable like Cat6e, Cat6 or even those Cat5e and cat5 cables, this cable has a much higher performance that boosts your online streaming experience too much extent. Its clip protector is there to prevent its RJ45 connectors from any unwanted and irritating snags while installing the cable.

Moreover, this Cat7 cable is just perfect for your network adapters, hubs, DSL Cable Modems, routers, X-box, PS4, patch panels and several other networking applications that come with extremely high performance.


This Cat6 cable is best in its performance than any other conventional cables that come at a much higher price but never worth spending the money. When your online streaming gets disturbed even after spending a lump sum of money, the first thing that comes to your mind is the money that you have wasted buying the other cable. So, to avoid any regret in the near future, we suggest you give this cable a try even once for a while, and we are sure that you'll be completely satisfied with its performance.

  • High speed
  • 1000 MHz bandwidth speed
  • Wide range of applications
  • Durable and long-living
  • Perfect for HD streaming
  • A bit expensive