SYLVANIA 13.3-inch portable player

Featured with various characteristics like a 13.3-inch bigger screen, built-in memory, HD video format, great quality material, and long life, this portable blue player is just right for you to play your DVD, CD, USB, or most importantly, the Blue-Ray.

A Blu-Ray player is known for; providing a high-level theatre experience with an HD quality resolution. Unsurprisingly, this Blu-Ray player also does the same. Whenever you feel the need to play your data from the Blu-Ray directly on your TV or any bigger screen, all you have to do is to manually connect this Blu-Ray player to your output source and enjoy the show.

This Blu-Ray player is introduced by one of the world's leading and top-rated brands: Sylvania, known for its high profile manufacturing. Along with all these capabilities, the Blu-Ray player is great for playing all your DVDs, CDs, USB, and SD cards and making sure the quality of the image is great that you'll undoubtedly enjoy watching.

Its ergonomic and sturdy design says all about its premium level manufacturing. It is long-living and durable to support your viewing needs for an extended time period.

Not only this, but this Blu-Ray player is comfortably compatible with various devices like CD-R/RW, DVD+-R/RW, JPEG, MP3, and many others. This is a great feature as long as you have multiple devices to be connected to the player.


Sylvania's Blu-Ray player is intentionally made to satisfy you with its performance and help you enjoy the best quality theatre view at home. The high-resolution image is something that you are absolutely going to love. Do not miss out on this item searching for other low-profile players that do not fit your expectations.

  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Great large screen
  • Excellent player for the price
  • Wide connectivity range
  • Slightly distorted sound

Blackweb 11.4-inch

Another on our list is this portable Blu-ray player from Blackweb that guarantees great performance. Including all the amazing features that an advanced Blu-ray player must have, it works for your complete satisfaction.

The best thing about it is the lithium-ion batteries that provide it a much longer life and support to entertain you with all that it has. These batteries come included in it and work effectively to maintain its high profile performance. This is not all; these batteries get easily charged and provide you a much longer view time whenever you are in a mood to cheer yourself up.

Alongside, this portable Blu-ray player is just perfect in its dimensions:16x15.5x3.5 inches so that you can place it comfortably anywhere in the house, and it will not disturb your interior setting. Also, it comes with an extremely lightweight of 4.15 lbs, making it extremely easy to be carried to any place of your choice wherever you want to enjoy your HD view.

For your satisfaction, let us tell you that this Blu-Ray player is carefully tested to work and looks like new. It will add much beauty to your settings, and you'll be glad to place it with your interiors. Its testing process included basic cleaning, functionality testing, inspection, and careful repacking that provides it a brand new look when it reaches out to you.

The product's quality is amazing and has everything you will need to enjoy your blu-ray discs data on a large TV or home theatre screen. It lives for a much longer time and supports multiple connections to enjoy your favorite video in HD quality. This is a great item that you should consider buying if you are looking for a stunning Blu-ray player for yourself.


Nothing can replace this extraordinary player's performance, and we would suggest you give it a must try to enjoy a perfect high-quality resolution image at your home. With this player, you don't have to look for another option that will accept your Blu-ray disc and present to you what you will expect of it: HD quality image view at any instant of use.

  • Bigger screen
  • Easy to carry around
  • Efficient performance
  • Great dimensions
  • Cost-effective
  • No cons

Sylvania 10 inch

If you still think the other two mentioned items are not fit for you, then try out this extraordinary Blu-ray player that will provide you optimal performance that you would not have expected to get from any other player. It comes with exceptional features and is there for you for a much longer period of time to keep you entertained.

We are sure that its bigger 10-inches screen is something that you are really going to love. It is there to view all the operations and the video you desire to play on the bigger screen. Also, it comes with a top-panel button control system that allows a smooth and easy operation whenever you use it.

Its adjustable HD display makes sure the image is detailed and clear. So be rest assured when you connect your player with your TV or another viewing source to enjoy the high-quality image as you are definitely going to have a memorable and fun experience all the time.

When you want to have a great time with your favorite high-definition movie, using the built-in SD card slot would be really fun. It provides you with a great storage memory capacity and provides an image resolution of as much as 5 times greater and more efficient than DVD players.

This can be your great fun partner as it provides you with all the features suitable for setting up an HD quality home theatre, and all you have to do is enjoy the time to the maximum. The most attractive thing about this player is that it comes at a much affordable price that you would obviously love to invest in to have a great viewing experience with your family and friends.

You can easily play various other formats, including DVD, CD, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, SVCD, and DVD-R. With such a unique support feature, you can enjoy your favorite movies or videos from almost any of the discs you have kept at home.


Our concluding words about this item would be 'obviously it's great.' Enjoying your favorite movies and videos through such an affordable player is undoubtedly a stunning experience that anyone would love to enjoy in their free time with their loved ones; why not try it yourself?

  • Built-in memory SD card
  • Accepts various formats
  • High-definition image quality
  • Easy to use
  • Top-panel button control for smooth operation
  • Reads DVDs only from the same region

Azend BDP-M1061 Blu-Ray Player

If you are one of those who love to travel, or even from those who are often on a long-distance business journey, then we are glad that you landed here. This portable Blu-ray player by Azend Group Corp can be your perfect travel partner that will make you enjoy your trip even more than ever. It folds perfectly flat, just like a tablet, and comes with a great carry case that enables you to easily keep it in your car and carry it along with you anywhere.

You can play your Blu-ray discs on it wherever you are and at any time of your choice. Watching the best movie of your choice when you at home or on a journey alone or with the loved ones can be the best experience you'll get at such affordable rates. 

Much of its popularity is due to its large 10.1 inches screen capable of supporting a 1080 P High-resolution image. The thing which you will like about this player is that it is effortlessly compatible with the DVDs.

It comes with a perfect premium look and a LAN port that allows you to connect to Blu-ray Disc that allows you to get entertained by any online show of your choice through various online services like Amazon, Netflix, and many others. This makes your watch list much extensive and extraordinary that a Blu-ray player should have all the time.

Available for long-time usage, this player is made to have 2 Lithium-ion batteries that have a life span of 4.5 hrs, with a one-time charge. The player is also advanced with an inclusion of a built-in slot of storage memory card that allows you to watch your videos, photos, and or any other audio file that you want to enjoy at the time. 


It would be best to consider it buying because of its amazing feature, high-quality material body, and attractive black color that makes it look elegant and premium. The ease of carrying it anywhere and experiencing the long hour, watch-time is something great to shed off the journey's tiredness.

  • Easy to use
  • Long living batteries
  • 10-inches large display
  • HD and Blu-Ray formats
  • Online streaming
  • Does not work at all without remote

FAGOR 10.1 Portable Blu Ray Player

Last on our list of 5 is this excellent quality Blu-ray player by FAGOR. Despite being last on our list, it doesn't let you down in any of your requirements that you have set for your own dream Blu-ray player. So, let's gear ahead together to find what makes it most stunning.

Firstly, the most amazing thing you will find in this player is its unique designs that feature an elegant appearance and supreme quality HD protective screen intently made to support the high-resolution and gorgeous viewing experience. Further, its built-in handle is most useful when you plan to take this attractive looking player out with you.

Then comes its large 10.1 inches Swivel Screen for the ultimate viewing experience. Also, it allows you to give it a 270-degree rotation and a complete 180-degree flip so that you can view everything in an easy position. Thus, to make your journey more comfortable and entertaining, keep this player with you.

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Its various other features like slow-motion playback, zoom, rotate DVD memory, last memory, and anti-shock are excellent that you can effortlessly control via remote control operator.

The FAGOR portable Blu-ray player is excellent in supporting the direct play from various discs like DVD, Blu-ray Disc, CD, VCD to SVCD, DVD-R/+R, and many others of your choice to complete fun and enjoyment all the time. Surprising you to its fullest, this Blu-ray player also supports SD cards and USBs to play JPEG, WAV/WMA/MP3, etc.

To keep you always at ease with its technical operations, FAGOR provides you a 12 month guaranteed warranty and 24/7 customer support that answers each of your questions immediately so that you don't have to stay for long with the same problem.


After presenting you with all the features of this perfect Blu-ray player, we expect you to admire the product completely and be fascinated by the qualities it offers to you for optimal performance. We assure you that the money you spend buying this portable Blu-ray player will prove to be your best investment this year.

  • Well-equipped customer service
  • Excellent connectivity range
  • Guaranteed 1-year warranty
  • Featured packed
  • Sometimes provide a slightly distorted Bluetooth audio