Wireless Water Dancing Speaker by POXIN

You might have always wanted to own the best quality speakers that you can carry along with you anywhere easily so that you can enjoy your favorite music at any instant in time. Then this Wireless Water Dancing Speaker has come to fulfill your wish. This speaker comes with some attractive features that any music lover would love to have in their sound system.

This speaker is intently designed to keep you free from any irritation you might feel while assembling it or using it at any time of the day. To ease you in the assembly process, it comes with an easy to connect driver box to connect with your Vice soundbox via Mini USB and a great length audio cable measuring up to 3.5mm.

The speakers' design is unique, with the inclusion of LED colorful lights that dance swiftly with music just like water waves. Enjoying the dance of waters along with your favorite music can cheer up your mood when you are on your outdoor adventure.

With its versatile compatibility feature, you can connect your dancing speakers via Bluetooth to all of your smartphones, including iPhone, Android Cell, iPad, Samsung, tablets, and many others. This makes it a perfect speaker to thrill up the parties with families and friends.

Not only this, but these amazing water dancing speakers come with a quick after-sale service that allows you to return the speaker if you find any technical issue. They are amazing in their response time and take great care of all your needs.


All these features add to its admiration among a large number of music lovers. We recommend you to consider buying this speaker if you are obsessed with listening to music all the time. You can carry this impressive little speaker with you anywhere on the beach, to your business trip, to camp parties with friends, or any place of your choice.

  • Impressive design
  • Water dancing waves
  • Easy connectivity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not much rated

I-Kool 4 Changing Colors Dancing Speaker

This is one of the most advanced speakers that you can buy to have an unlimited listening experience. Available in three striking colors, it also comes with powerfully impressive features, including easy Bluetooth connectivity, an attractive multi-color light show, upgraded volume, and a micro SD card jack for an increased storage capacity.

When it comes to talking about its audio quality, we are confident that you would not find such fine quality audio speaker anywhere in the digital market. Its high-quality and non-cracking sound makes it dominant among all other speakers of the same kind. Hence, you can consider them as the top-rated speakers that are perfect for you and everyone around.

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While it comes to provide you with a great quality sound, it has also taken great care of your ease in connecting your devices to it. Depending on your mood, you oftentimes want to listen to a different type of music, and that can only be done if you have connected your smart devices to great quality sound producing speakers. Hence, this speaker is featured to support Bluetooth connectivity with all types of smart devices.

Moreover, their GLOBE design is impressive, especially when they demonstrate a multi-color light show right in its center with the change of every beat and the music pitch, the size, and speed of the light show changes. It changes four striking colors during the light show, namely blue, green, red, and white. This is an amazing show to enjoy when you are in a low mood.

It micro SD jack is useful in providing you with an option of connecting this speaker through a 3.5mm audio jack, or you can also play your favorite music directly from your micro SD card. This is a great feature for those people who don't have devices with a Bluetooth connectivity option.


 We suggest you not ignore this upgraded version of the water dancing speaker if you really want to have an exclusive experience with your favorite music. This speaker will make your free time more fun and musical with its melodious sound. Invest in I-Kool, and we assure you will not regret your step.

  • Great quality
  • Cost-effective
  • SD card jack for devices without Bluetooth
  • Amazing sound quality
  • A multi-color smoothening light show
  • Small size may not attract some.

Leading Edge Novelty Speakers Black

Leading Edge is dedicated to providing you the best quality, coolest audio techs. However, its speakers are among its most rated top-selling products that every music lover wishes to have. Likewise, when it comes to its water dancing speakers, they come with some most advanced features that make them distinct from every single speaker in the market.

The most awesome thing about this particular dancing speaker is its extensive connectivity options that support all your smart devices, including laptops, Androids, Tablets, Computers, and many others.

Its four multi-colors LED lights are super-amazing and add much beauty to its design and attractiveness. Its magnificent light show is all you would want to look at when you need to cheer up your mood. Its multi-colored top is perfectly compatible with the black base and makes an impressive object when placed with your household setting.

When you plan to have an outdoor party with your family and friends on the beach or any hill station, do not forget to carry this stunning little speaker to have ultimate fun and enjoyment.

The speaker's dimensions are just perfect for making it compatible with any audio device supporting a 3.5 mm audio jack connection. All you have to do is connect them with the audio device of your choice to take your musical enjoyment level to another dimension.

There is nothing in these speakers that you would not like. Everything is carefully added to provide you the best musical experience in your free time, from its sound quality to its long-lasting and durable material.


You obviously would not want to miss out on any opportunity of having an appreciable sound system that you could get at an affordable price and is well-equipped to provide you with an extreme level of sound quality and other features. So, give this speaker thought of purchase if you really want to take advantage of its extraordinary features.

  • Cool effects
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Easy setup
  • Gorgeous design
  • No cons

NHS-2009 Dancing Speaker System

Nothing more is needed when you have these high-caliber speakers with you all the time. They serve your audio needs better than any other water dancing speaker of the present time. Featured with some great qualities, these speakers are just perfect in their performance and do efficiently the thing for which they are made.

When you can carry your own sound system at any place of your choice, what's the point in delaying your trips. This 3.2 lbs. speaker can be your perfect partner during your long-distance journey or picnic parties as it is straightforward to carry anywhere around the world.

It comes with a corded electric power source that makes it completely easy for you to charge your electric speakers so that they can entertain you with their optimal performance for an extended time.

Their easy floor mounting feature keeps you always at ease with its placement as you can place them at any spot where you feel it more convenient to provide you a stable and undistorted sound.

When you have these upgraded speakers with you, nothing can stop you from having an excellent audio experience in your free time.

With its 3.5mm auxiliary port, you can move effortlessly to any external device to enjoy your favorite musical notes and rhythms. This is the most amazing feature to enjoy in any speaker that you buy spending the money.

With this water dancing speaker, you will get everything that you would have ever desired to have in your own supreme quality speakers. Its black colors are enough to impress your friends with such advanced technology incorporated in a stylish body.


There is nothing in this speaker that you can avoid appreciating. If you are thinking of spending your money on buying this product, do not hesitate to step in as it will be the best thing that you are going to do this year.

  • Easy floor mounting
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy charging through the corded electric charging system
  • Slightly low bass

Cyber Sales Market

These speakers can make your day memorable and fun with their exceptional quality sound that is not easily found in any water dancing speakers that you in the same amount. Whether you are a jazz lover, a classical music lover, or even if you love soft and slow rhythms, these speakers take care of all your needs. 

If you are the one who enjoys listening to music in the dark, then these speakers are just perfect for you to have a bright and amazing light that makes your darkroom more attractive and party-like. So these are perfect little speakers whose company you are really going to enjoy.

When you are in a mood to listen to loud music, consider turning on the music to as much loud sound as you can, and these speakers will entertain you with the best sound without any distorted effect of bass. This makes the sound fall on your ears completely smooth and lets you be lost in the melodies.

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Another amazing feature of this water dancing speaker is that you can immediately adjust the volume when you feel the need to do so. This ease in volume adjustment brings you much pleasure amidst all the enjoyment and fun.


These speakers can make you live all your sound-related dreams and can bless you with the ultimate listening experience that you will not forget.

  • Bright and attractive LED colors
  • Perfect bass
  • Easy volume adjustability
  • Not much rated