Difference between Cat6 and Cat7 Ethernet cables

Both Cat6 and Cat7 cables are best in their own place, but when compared with each other, occur huge amount of differences that, in one way or the other, make Cat7 cables better than Cat6. There are many factors that need to be discussed here to get a better understanding of the fact. Checkout this article by Digital Trends on how to choose a cable.

#1. Speed and Frequency 

Cat6 cable provides you the maximum speed of 1.000Mbit/s and frequency of 250MHz, whereas, on the other hand, Cat7 cable efficiently provides the speed and frequency of 10.000Mbit/s and 600MHz, respectively. This indicates that Cat7 has a greater signal transfer speed than Cat6. So, when compared to cat6, it is better that you install Cat7 for your gaming purposes as it will let you a better gaming experience, especially if you are a type of gamer who loves to play heavy-duty shooting games that demand greater speed and strong internet connection. With this speed, you can lead your team and be at the top of your gaming opponents; after all, this is what every die-hard gamer wants. 

#2. Twists per cm

Cat6 cable comes with a maximum of 100m cable with two or more twists per cm. These twists in the cable are responsible for the effective cancellation of electromagnetic interferences that are caused by external sources. At the same time, Cat7 cables offer greater shielding and are relatively stiff as compared to Cat6 cable. So, this indicates that Cat7 cables are better at reducing signal loss and in reducing external interference. This reduced interference can be of great help to any gamer involved in online gaming that demands greater focus and response. With speedy internet signals, your response rate in-game increases which means your chances for winning the game increase manifolds. 

#3. Shielding 

As far as the shielding is concerned, Cat6 cables are available in both Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and also Shielded Twisted Pair (STP). While on the other hand, Cat& cables come in Screen Shielded Twisted Pair, which is better in reducing the crosstalk as compared to cat6 cable. Also, these cables greatly enhance the performance and also reduce noise. 

These qualities serve as best support while you are absorbed in playing some high-profile online games which demand from you and additional focus and premium grade performance in being on top of the list. 

All technical and non-technical differences

Both Cat6 and Cat7 cables greatly differ from each other, not only technically but also non-technically. These differences are what make these cables distinct and also suitable for various different purposes.  As far as the technical differences are concerned, both the cables differ highly in their manufacturing, performance, speed, and frequency. 

Although both of them are made of premium and high-quality material that adds to their long life and effective performance, the material still differentiates them widely. It makes them different in their performance; Cat6 cables are available in 1.5-2 twists per cm, but cat7 cable comes in 2 or more twists per cm. These turns indicate their effective reduction in signal loss, noise, interference, and packet loss. Also, Cat& cables are more effective in providing greater speed and frequency for the better completion of your tasks, be it playing the game or any other. 

However, regarding the non-technical factors, these cables differ from each other in terms of price, durability but still similar in some respects.